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Kristi Morrison, Nutrition Counseling, Tucson, AZ

Let's work together to improve your relationship with food and empower your body for the life you want to live.

Nutrition Counseling

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Provides education, counseling, accountability and support to individuals and families who seek answers and long-term change to their food lifestyle.


Meet Kristi Morrison

Holistic Nutritionist

I’m Kristi Morrison: a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and food lover! In 2018, I moved to Tucson with my husband to start a private practice to provide people with approachable solutions to food concerns. Good nutrition and a healthy relationship with food are vital to feeling your best. After all, we actually are what we eat! I recognize that a great deal of confusion surrounds the topic of food. With a background in behavioral therapy, I strive to work together with my clients to replace food anxiety with solid ground, and the idea that good nutrition feels natural and freeing. I hold the belief that we all have the answers inside of ourselves. I work to help clients unlock their inner voice. 

Through evidence-based and goal-oriented counseling and education, I will help you identify the most realistic actions that help you reach your goals. No two people are the same and I tailor each program to the individual. I absolutely love what I do, there is good news and joy to be had, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Meet Kristi
Why Naturopathy

Why Nutrition Counseling?

White Sand and Stone

The process promotes...

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Increased Energy + Stamina

Positive Body Image

Disease Prevention, Reversal + Longevity

Stress Reduction + Management

Education + Clarity about Food


Healthy Food Attitude

What you can expect...

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  • Initial 90 minute session with goal setting 

  • Counseling/coaching sessions specific to your needs

  • Emphasis on whole foods (fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, etc.)

  • Meal Planning

  • Recipe Ideas

  • Outside reading and research

  • Tools for dealing with feelings, emotions and eating in your various life scenarios

  • Grocery store navigation

  • How-to guide on healthy dining out experiences  

  • Long-term support when needed

Services and Pricing

Seasonal discounts and packages may apply. Just ask!

I do not take insurance.

Thank you.


Individual Counseling

Family Counseling

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90-100 Min Consultations 
60-70 Min Sessions
$ 90

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Jody, 65

Fire Department Incident Planning Specialist

"Kristi is wonderful as a Nutritionist. She’s intelligent, humorous and, most of all, highly skilled at her trade. In late 2022, I suffered a health scare. After consulting with Kristi, the problem left and has not returned. She has also helped keep me off of prescription medications due to her expertise with the non-chemical approach to healthcare. Kristi’s diet suggestions have been spot on. She is down to earth and caring. With her nutritional advice, Kristi has helped me lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle that still allows me to compete in organized sports. I choose Kristi as my nutritionist despite the fact that I live 1700 miles from her office. Trust goes a long way."

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5501 N. Oracle Road, Suite 101, Tucson, Arizona

Plantrician Seal
Mt. Vernon Nazarene Alumni
Baldwin Wallace Alumni
AFPA Certification
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