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Intimate Lunch

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

The sun is setting on another postcard perfect Tucson day and I'm feeling inspired enough to dive headfirst into the blogoshpere. I'm brand spankin' new to this, so bare with me.

Cooking, to me, is the most intimate thing you can do for another person. Or for yourself. You are getting right into the insides of a person, effecting the way the body exists on a cellular level. I find this both sensual and practical at the same time. When I prepare food, I think about this. What kind of effect am I having on my body? On my husband's body? I want it to be a life-giving experience. That may sound like a lot to ask from a lunch. Maybe we should ask a lot from our lunch. It fuels our mood, determines whether or not we'll experience a "crash" later in the day, initiates guilt or satisfaction, sets us up for sleep.

Butternut squash and stew

Today I made butternut squash. That was the star of the show. I tossed it with some olive oil, curry leaf, brown mustard seeds, Aleppo pepper, lime and sea salt. 400 degrees in the over for 30 minutes made it just about perfect. I squeezed on some extra lime at the end and served it over short-grain brown rice with arugula on the side. Simple. I had some leftover bean and barley stew that I served on the side because the day was cool and the weather called for something warm. Squash and arugula are in season. This was not a lucky coincidence. It was an educated choice. When we choose food intentionally, we feel great eating it!

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