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Oatmeal: Why Can't It Be Awesome?

Let me start by answering that. IT TOTALLY CAN! It totally is! Oatmeal has a bad rap. It’s synonymous with blandness. But oatmeal is incredibly healthy. In fact, it has so many health benefits that it would be a bummer not to include it in your repertoire. 

  • High in fiber

  • High in protein

  • Helps regulate blood sugar

  • Helps lower cholesterol

  • High in vitamin E (an antioxidant/cancer protector)

  • Longer satiation factor (controls hunger later in the day)

  • Great for gut health

  • Superior to boxed cereals (which cause spikes in blood sugar)

For health’s sake, let’s get on board and reimagine oatmeal! Call it something else if you have to (Steel Gray Lightening, Power Porridge, Mush Magic). Let me clarify. I am talking about oats that are cooked on a stove, not the kind that come in a packet. Cooking it yourself affords you the freedom to control the texture. Cook it longer and it’s more of a solid grain. Cook it for less time and it’s soupier. And all things in between. It doesn’t have a strong flavor on its own. It’s a blank healthy canvas, just waiting for your artistic hand to bedazzle it with colorful fruits and crunchy nuts.

Here’s what I do.

1 cup Steel Cut Oats

4 cups water

Pinch of Salt

Stove top in a pot for 30 min (because that’s the way I like it)

This makes enough for my husband and I for a few days. I store it in the fridge in a container and eat it cold (the first bowl, hot).

Kristi’s Hot Oat Bowl

Oatmeal mixed with vanilla and cinnamon

Peanut Butter in the center (melts as I eat, which is awesome)



Coconut (dried pieces)

Hemp Seeds

Soy Milk (or whatever milk I have in the fridge) around the edges

Maple Syrup

More Cinnamon on top

Kristi’s Cold Oat Bowl

Cold Oats



Coconut Yogurt

Flax Seeds

A little sprinkle of Ginger/Clove mix I keep around - sometimes Allspice

These are not the only combinations. I get creative and you will, too!

 Fruits, nuts + nut butters, seeds, milks, herbs and spices, yogurt, vanilla, almond extract, maple syrup - these are all things that are great in or on oatmeal.

Here’s a photo of my half-eaten bowl right now. I’m eating it while writing for inspiration.

Current Cold Oatmeal

Soy Milk


Maple Syrup

Golden Spice (turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, clove, cardamom)

(You get the idea.)

Food should bring joy - inside and out. Have fun with The Beige Beast (too much?)!

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