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Mindful Eating

My favorite vegetable this week was sold to me by a ten-year-old farm-to-table lettuce representative. Working with his mom at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings, he has developed a precocious technique. Neither pushy nor salesy, he tells you the facts about living lettuce. “All of these are three,” meaning dollars. “Go ahead, choose your own,” he leads the customer. “Full of antioxidants,” an overheard educated statement. He quickly handles money with ease and doesn’t defer to his mom when the line gets long and edgy. He’s got this. Standing behind a table of rows of round leafy green and purple lettuces, cash in one hand, he points to the person next in line. “You were next.” Not a question. I hold up the one I’ve chosen and fork over the three bucks. “You brought your own bag.” Not a question. End of transaction. 

At home with my lettuce the next day, I really looked at it for a while before devouring it with horseradish sauce. The green was so bright! It had a fractal pattern. I told it to hold still and took its picture (as you can see). It was alive and so was I. An energy exchange was about to transpire. Dude. The sun’s energy had been captured and stored in my lettuce (solar energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis). Now that energy would go right straight into me. I chopped off the roots. I had a clear and honest feeling that the lettuce was making the world a more inhabitable place. I thought about the kid. He was making my city a better place. These were the thoughts that went down with the lettuce and some sinus-clearing horseradish sauce.

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