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My Favorite Sandwich

There’s nothing like a sandwich. Need I say more?

This is my favorite sandwich.

The Crunchy Munchy Pickle Wrap

Lavash Flatbread (I like whole wheat or the flax/oat combo)

Hummus (I make my own)




Hot Sauce

Spread the hummus over the bread

Top with cabbage, tomato, pickle and hot sauce

Roll tightly

Slice in half on a cutting board with a decent knife

Oh, my gosh! Such a simple sandwich! How can it be so tasty? Trust me, it is. It’s the kind of sandwich you can make two of, wrap one up, save for later in the fridge, and it will taste even better late that night. 

I like knowing that my sandwich is working for me, not against me. 

Here’s the lo-down:

Lavash Flatbread: 

Pretty clean ingredients for a processed product - whole wheat flour, water, salt and yeast

Approx 8 grams of protein

A little Iron + Potassium

Hummus: We’ll look at main ingredients Chickpeas + Tahini (ground sesame seeds)


Regulate blood sugar

High in fiber and protein

High in Vitamins A,E and C

Promote Cardiovascular Health (cholesterol-free)


Anti-inflammatory compounds

Good source of healthy fats (which, by the way, help the body absorb all the good nutrients in greens, should you choose to have a salad on the side!)

High in protein

Lignans (anti-cancer compounds)


Improves digestion

Lowers blood pressure

Anthocyanins (antioxidants that fight inflammation and protect the heart)  

Vitamin K (keeps bones strong)


Lowers blood pressure

Lycopene (phytochemical - protects against prostate, colon and stomach cancers/promotes skin health) 

Vitamin A (supports eye and skin health)

Hot Sauce:

Hot sauce is awesome

Don’t question it

My second favorite sandwich is the always-shitty-looking Peanut Butter On Folded Bread In A Fist Eaten While Standing By Fridge.

Tune in for more inspiration just like this.

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