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Google Search: food commentary. You enter the realm of the creative, fun, profound, hilarious and yes, ridiculous. People are waxing poetic about their love affairs with bacon, cheese, cheese on a stick, smoked turkeys, bacon-wrapped cheese-stuffed turkey on a stick; and don’t even get me started on the desserts! Food commentators conjur visions of food so irresistible, not only will you want to try it, but you may be artistically moved by it.

Google Search: healthy food commentary; food commentary healthy; food blogs healthy. In my search, I got healthdotgov - office of disease prevention (sexy), World Health Orginaztion, FDA, something called eatforum (catchy), and the federal register on labeling. I thought I might get better listings because I look at fun healthy stuff on a regular basis. Google knows that. I tried wording things differently, but it didn’t help. Apparently people are not going bananas for their, well, bananas. 

It doesn’t take an expert in algorithms to see that we are trending in a certain direction. Starting out, I could see this as a sign that I am in the wrong field in the wrong century. But I actually think it leaves a wide untapped market for this thing I’m embarking on (and taking you with me). Healthy food commentary!

I am having a genuine inspirational life-changing experience with my food. I interact with it, I think about it when I’m not, and I talk about it for a living; and it’s all healthy. Everything from my hair to my vision has improved in a way that can be measured by doctors (this is important to people), because of my food. This is the stuff infomercials are made of! I’m not really down with infomercials. I just want to talk about food. Real, colorful, life-sustaining food. In the same way I saw a guy profess his love for potato chip mashed potatoes, I want to get dirty about the dates I bought from the farmer’s market that were caramelly buttery sweet and chewy with the perfect amount of crunch on the outside. This is the gospel I want to spread. This is my niche.

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