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Taste the Happiness

Orange, yellow and red vegetables contain carotenoids, which are phytonutrients (not a nervous disorder causing one to anxiously see carrots around every corner). High carotenoid levels are associated with a lower incidence of depression. In fact, in one recent study in the US, participants with the highest levels reported feeling the least depressed. Lycopene (I’m not even gonna try for the joke here), a specific kind of caroteoid, is the red pigment found in tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefruit, guava and papaya. A similar study, singling out lycopene was carried out and guess what? Participants who ate the most lycopene had about half the odds of depression as those who ate none.

Higher consumption of fruits and veggies in general, as well as beans and greens (rich in folate) can help lower the risk of depression. Plus, when you spend time eating these brain-boosters, it’s time you won’t spend eating choco tacos and tator tot muffins. It's a win/win!   

How about a mango/carrot/pumpkin spice/turmeric almond milk smoothie? I'll bet it's fantastic. I don't have a recipe, it's just the orangest thing I cound think of. If anyone makes one, pretty please post the results in the comments!

*No studies have been done on reading bad vegetables jokes.       

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